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Having fun with Unity game engine

I have been missing for a while, but now I’m back with new material to write about. I finished the 2nd year of uni almost a month ago so now all I can do is wait for my internship which starts in about 3 weeks. I was really into starting to develop my web app idea(WikiMyth)  but then I stumbled upon Unity.

Unity is a really cool game engine which I wanted to learn a while ago, but had no time to do that. Less than two weeks ago I decided to go back to it and I started doing a  project tutorial that I found on unity’s learning space (the  tutorials area is really good). From the moment I began the tutorial I was hooked into it … it was so amazing, waaaay better than playing an actual game. The Unity’s editor is just perfect; you can see what you are modifying real-time, you can place objects in the world using a neat interface, you can write scripts to determine your objects’ behavior and modify your public variables directly from the editor, you can reference other objects just by dragging and dropping the object in the right space.

Script's public variables

Script’s public variables


A few days ago I moved my website to a new server so it’s not hosted on the little PI anymore. If anyone visited my website these days and encountered errors or other things that shouldn’t be happening was because I was having some plugins problems and not enough time to fix them.

As saddening as it sounds, the raspberryPi will retire later this day. This doesn’t mean I won’t have other tasks for it though. There are lots of things you can do with these small computers.

The look of the blog has obviously changed too. I still have to do a little polishing here and there, but I quite like the new theme. It’s way lighter than the other one. Let me know what you think!

Under the Radar

So I have been kind of “under the radar” for the last three weeks or so. This was mainly because the uni trimester is about to end and all the projects I had were due. I was stuck coding all day that I almost felt sorry for my keyboard(s) as I was typing like a mad man and occasionally imagining myself throwing the keyboard along with the laptop out the window.

I maybe sound like I crybaby there, so don’t take me wrong, those were only some of the emotions I had briefly during the projects, nothing more. I actually quite enjoyed these past few weeks; I like keeping myself busy and if I can keep myself busy writing code and learning new stuff…well that’s a huge win situation.


Building a simple game for Android using libGDX #3

In this part we will pay more attention on how the game looks and feels. If you haven’t already, I suggest you to go and check out the other parts (Part 1 & Part 2).

We will build two more screens for the game, one will be the starting screen(menu) from where we can start the game and the other one will be the ending screen which will be triggered when the player loses all of his lives (this screen will have a button that will redirect the player to the starting screen).

This is how the screens will look like:


Building a simple game for Android using libGDX #2

A few days ago I made an introduction to the framework we are using to develop the game (libGDX), we set up a workspace, spoke about the game we are going to develop and managed to go through a bit of code that renders the background. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest going through part I before continuing with this one.

In this part of the tutorial we will implement most of the game’s features! I can feel the excitement already!


Building a simple game for Android using libGDX #1

I participated in an app jam (AppJam2014) recently and I managed to win it with a simple android game. We had 6-7 hours to do it so I had to be modest and start a small project.

Here is a gameplay video:

I saw this as the perfect opportunity to do my first programming tutorial as I will explain some easy steps in setting up an android project with libGDX and then building the actual game using the framework. You won’t need much experience in programming to do this, but you should have a bit of knowledge in using Java and have an understanding of object-orientation.


About the IBM internship and spotting opportunities

Last month I received an offer for a one year internship (also known as ‘industrial placement’) at IBM and I was officially welcomed a few days ago after posting them the necessary documents. This is definitely going into my ‘success book’ which, from what I can recall, is pretty empty. But let’s change that, shall we?

First I want to tell you how this kind of internship works. Here in UK they are called industrial placements and it is basically a gap year for undergraduate students or school leavers, in which you can work in industry. On some programmes (including mine) you can do this after finishing the second year. Instead of beginning the third year at university you go to work for a company for one year (usually) and then come back at university. On top of that you will get 60 credits for doing that (half the credits for a year) and you have to take the rest after you finish the rest of your course years. And to give you an example: my course is 4 years; instead of 3rd year I will do an internship that will last one year and I will get the credits for one semester. When I come back in Septembre, I will do the second semester of third year and then in January I will begin 4th year which will end in January the next year. So my course will be 4 years and a half long. A bit more than without doing the internship, but I will get a lot of valuable experience this way and I’m still young so I don’t have any problems with doing half a year extra.

Let’s end  the theory and talk about how I managed to end up with an offer.


A trip to Cramond

Cramond is located in the North-Western part of Edinburgh on the North Sea’s shore.
I’ve been there several times, but only once I managed to see its beauty. Off-shore there is an interesting lonely island which is relatively close to the village.

When I was there for the first time I did no research at all about this place (shame on me!) and the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the island was asking myself if it is accessible by foot. From the distance you could see something like a path leading from the shore to the island but as I got closer I realised that there are actually pylons connecting the lands. I mean, a good stuntman could try jumping from pylon to pylon to reach the island but I did not feel like one. Actually, to be honest, I think I pictured myself as one a bit. Don’t ask me what happened to the guy from my imagination.

After taking some pictures my eyes laid on a noticeboard. So it WAS possible to cross to the island on foot after all! The only problem was that I had to wait for the low-tide which was like 4-5 hours later. So I decided that I should come back another day to cross.


Hello World!

Aaaand here I am, starting my first blog ever! *cheers and applause*

“Hello World” posts seems to be the blogger’s way of tagging their first entry, so here is mine. I have no experience whatsoever in blogging and I hope this will be a good one. I was always thinking to make my own blog, but I always doubted my writing skills and I was a bit reluctant to write about myself and what I do. Doubt is no longer in my vocabulary! Now I finally managed to set this up and I plan to keep improving it based on my ideas and the feedback I will receive (yup, feel free to give me feedback because it will of course help me be aware of different things…so bash my blog with criticism, turn it upside-down… or compliment it – I won’t be mad – pinky promise!).

So the purpose of this entry will be to speak about the blog and its contents.