Aaaand here I am, starting my first blog ever! *cheers and applause*

“Hello World” posts seems to be the blogger’s way of tagging their first entry, so here is mine. I have no experience whatsoever in blogging and I hope this will be a good one. I was always thinking to make my own blog, but I always doubted my writing skills and I was a bit reluctant to write about myself and what I do. Doubt is no longer in my vocabulary! Now I finally managed to set this up and I plan to keep improving it based on my ideas and the feedback I will receive (yup, feel free to give me feedback because it will of course help me be aware of different things…so bash my blog with criticism, turn it upside-down… or compliment it – I won’t be mad – pinky promise!).

So the purpose of this entry will be to speak about the blog and its contents.

First, I want to mention that this website is running on my own web server, running on a Raspberry PI lying on the floor in my living room. Browsing the website may be a bit laggy because of the PI’s low processing power, but I doubt(damn! I used that word again) this will be an inconvenience. I installed a cache script that will help to browse the blog faster. I guess I have to thank my Raspberry for motivating me to create this blog. It’s much more awesome to know that your blog is just a few meters away from you.

The contents of the blog will be based on my interests and these are mostly about: Programming(Apps, games development), Photography, Music and also I will be adding random content from time to time. Most of the contents will probably be about development. I plan to write about my projects as I go through the process of developing them, that way I can get some feedback along the way.

Photography will also be a big part of this blog. I will post one photo per week, with a little description about it. A while back I used to record songs with my guitar, but I haven’t done that recently so I’m not really sure If I will have many posts about this. (Note that I will always have my own photographs in the header and in the slider)

I was also thinking of writing some programming tutorials and see if my talent goes that far.

Well I guess I covered all I was planning to write in this entry and now I should move on with writing something in the About page. Yea, I haven’t mentioned a lot about me here because I’m planing to write that in the before mentioned page. See? I am already thinking about keeping my blog clean and tidy!

Cheers to my first post! beer

P.S. I also want to improve my writing skills, so let me know what you think about my writing style. English is my third language, after Romanian and Java.