Modular MEAN Stack generator


NPM site and GitHub repo

mean-gen is a generator that will simplify the process of creating a MEAN stack application. Unlike other generators out there, this one generates modularised projects with everything included for developers so they can start coding as soon as the generator completes the job. There are also simple examples of how to use the API and the AngularJs application included in the code.

mean-gen projects architecture

The application is formed from an API built using NodeJs alongside ExpressJs (for routing and server creation), a client-side AngularJs application that uses the API, and a MongoDB database. The good thing about this setup is that the API and the client-side application can sit on separate servers. The AngularJs application uses the Restangular package which makes the communication between the modules easier. The ideal way to develop a web application using this architecture is to build it API-first.

Check out EncircledMe, which was built using the same architecture.

Future updates

I am planning on offering more customisation when generating a project. Currently, the generator clones existing projects and installs all the local dependencies automatically. My plan is to make the NPM initialisation and Yeoman options available to the user.