So I have been kind of “under the radar” for the last three weeks or so. This was mainly because the uni trimester is about to end and all the projects I had were due. I was stuck coding all day that I almost felt sorry for my keyboard(s) as I was typing like a mad man and occasionally imagining myself throwing the keyboard along with the laptop out the window.

I maybe sound like I crybaby there, so don’t take me wrong, those were only some of the emotions I had briefly during the projects, nothing more. I actually quite enjoyed these past few weeks; I like keeping myself busy and if I can keep myself busy writing code and learning new stuff…well that’s a huge win situation.

So you may be wondering what I was working on. I had three projects in total, but the most time consuming was a 3D game I had to build for Games Engineering module. This project was one of the most intense stuff I have worked on during my university years. It was one of those things that keep you thinking about it the entire day, even when you sleep, though it might take the form of a monster with more than a normal count of limbs. Fortunately, this project had to be done in pairs and I teamed up with a great guy that likes code as much as I do (hey, Dave!). The game we made is about a guy who wakes up in the morning in bed with an unknown girl. He must take all his stuff and get out of the house before she wakes up to avoid awkward small talk. His stuff is guarded by household pets and he has to find a way to distract them before taking the items. The game ended up better than we expected as we managed to build a proper house, AI, use meshes and have a smooth first-person camera and movement. Dave also did a good job on the tooltips and when you first enter the game you will be guided through the controls. So if you are a windows user captivated by the idea of the game, you can download and install it from here: .

Another project was for Mobile Applications Development module. This was an interesting one too as I learnt a lot of new cool stuff while working on it. For example, this blog is here because I started that project. I set up the server the blog is on for that project. So I built an Android application that enabled the user to add, comment and rate posts. I paid a lot of attention on the UI and the looks of the app too. In my opinion the navigation was really smooth and considering I followed the design guidelines for Android apps, it was also easy to use. This application was done after one of my ideas for a web application that I plan to develop in the near future. I actually started to gather material and ideas to create it and I will soon start another series on the blog about it so if you come back in several days you will see the new posts with my ideas for the app!

The third project (that I finished several hours ago) was for Software Engineering Methods – an interesting module but with a very dull structure. All in all this module was pretty boring, all I had to do in it is to draw diagram after diagram without completely understanding what I had to do. Too bad I have an exam coming where I have to write about this stuff.

I also managed to qualify for the first round in the Google Code Jam contest and I hope I will go further to the next rounds. I signed up several hours before the registration closed, not hoping that I will qualify… I just registered out of curiosity. So at about 10pm the next day I decided to start going through the problems and I managed to do enough of them so I can qualify for the next round. It was a bit unexpected, but hey, at least I didn’t squeezed my brain for nothing.

That’s about it for this post, glad I could write some random stuff again. I will start writing about my web app idea in the next few days so if you’re interested make sure you come back soon. Cheers!