Răzvan Ilin

Full stack developer, casual traveler, amateur photographer

Hello World!

Aaaand here I am, starting my first blog ever! *cheers and applause*

“Hello World” posts seems to be the blogger’s way of tagging their first entry, so here is mine. I have no experience whatsoever in blogging and I hope this will be a good one. I was always thinking to make my own blog, but I always doubted my writing skills and I was a bit reluctant to write about myself and what I do. Doubt is no longer in my vocabulary! Now I finally managed to set this up and I plan to keep improving it based on my ideas and the feedback I will receive (yup, feel free to give me feedback because it will of course help me be aware of different things…so bash my blog with criticism, turn it upside-down… or compliment it – I won’t be mad – pinky promise!).

So the purpose of this entry will be to speak about the blog and its contents.