Răzvan Ilin

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About the IBM internship and spotting opportunities

Last month I received an offer for a one year internship (also known as ‘industrial placement’) at IBM and I was officially welcomed a few days ago after posting them the necessary documents. This is definitely going into my ‘success book’ which, from what I can recall, is pretty empty. But let’s change that, shall we?

First I want to tell you how this kind of internship works. Here in UK they are called industrial placements and it is basically a gap year for undergraduate students or school leavers, in which you can work in industry. On some programmes (including mine) you can do this after finishing the second year. Instead of beginning the third year at university you go to work for a company for one year (usually) and then come back at university. On top of that you will get 60 credits for doing that (half the credits for a year) and you have to take the rest after you finish the rest of your course years. And to give you an example: my course is 4 years; instead of 3rd year I will do an internship that will last one year and I will get the credits for one semester. When I come back in Septembre, I will do the second semester of third year and then in January I will begin 4th year which will end in January the next year. So my course will be 4 years and a half long. A bit more than without doing the internship, but I will get a lot of valuable experience this way and I’m still young so I don’t have any problems with doing half a year extra.

Let’s end  the theory and talk about how I managed to end up with an offer.