Răzvan Ilin

Full stack developer, casual traveler, amateur photographer

SurgTrac – Laparoscopic Simulator

SurgTrac is a Windows/OS X application I developed for eoSurgical, a dedicated team that wants to make laparoscopic training easier by allowing trainees to use a simulation environment called eoSim.


Nebulae is a multiplayer space shooter game that I developed for educational purposes. I always wanted to learn how to develop using the Unity3D engine, and creating an actual game from scratch was the best way to do it.


EncircledMe is a project I started in the summer of 2015 with the purpose of teaching myself how to use the MEAN stack.


mean-gen is a generator that will simplify the process of creating a MEAN stack application. Unlike other generators out there, this one generates modularised projects with everything included for developers so they can start coding as soon as the generator completes the job.