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Having fun with Unity game engine

I have been missing for a while, but now I’m back with new material to write about. I finished the 2nd year of uni almost a month ago so now all I can do is wait for my internship which starts in about 3 weeks. I was really into starting to develop my web app idea(WikiMyth)  but then I stumbled upon Unity.

Unity is a really cool game engine which I wanted to learn a while ago, but had no time to do that. Less than two weeks ago I decided to go back to it and I started doing a  project tutorial that I found on unity’s learning space (the  tutorials area is really good). From the moment I began the tutorial I was hooked into it … it was so amazing, waaaay better than playing an actual game. The Unity’s editor is just perfect; you can see what you are modifying real-time, you can place objects in the world using a neat interface, you can write scripts to determine your objects’ behavior and modify your public variables directly from the editor, you can reference other objects just by dragging and dropping the object in the right space.

Script's public variables

Script’s public variables