Cramond is located in the North-Western part of Edinburgh on the North Sea’s shore.
I’ve been there several times, but only once I managed to see its beauty. Off-shore there is an interesting lonely island which is relatively close to the village.

When I was there for the first time I did no research at all about this place (shame on me!) and the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the island was asking myself if it is accessible by foot. From the distance you could see something like a path leading from the shore to the island but as I got closer I realised that there are actually pylons connecting the lands. I mean, a good stuntman could try jumping from pylon to pylon to reach the island but I did not feel like one. Actually, to be honest, I think I pictured myself as one a bit. Don’t ask me what happened to the guy from my imagination.

After taking some pictures my eyes laid on a noticeboard. So it WAS possible to cross to the island on foot after all! The only problem was that I had to wait for the low-tide which was like 4-5 hours later. So I decided that I should come back another day to cross.

That day came and, believe me, it was worth the wait. I was lucky that the weather was good too (it’s a luxury here in Scotland). I was so amazed to see how much the low-tide affected the scene (in a good way). There were lots of people walking on the wet sand that used to be ~3m underwater. And there it was – THE CAUSEWAY!

I was a bit late so I rushed a bit towards the island before it would be impossible to get there. As close as the island appeared to be, I think I spent about 15-20 minutes to get to the other side… stopping every minute to take pictures, of course.

Nothing really special on the island, but the trip there was awesome!

When I arrived on the island I raced to the peak and I could see the sea hurrying towards me. So stay there or be trapped until morning on the next low-tide? I actually heard that they are sending boats toward the island because it’s something normal for people to remain trapped there. I did not take any chances, though, and I headed back to the village. At this point it was already dark and I couldn’t take anymore pictures.

I will have to go there again. It’s been a while since I last went and I could use a break from work…