ofxAwesomiumPlus is an addon for openFrameworks. It works as an interface between Awesomium and openFrameworks. This addon was built on top of an existing one (ofxAwesomium) because it was too limited to use it for the project I was working on at the moment. This addon gives you the ability to easily set up an interface for your application using HTML and make it interact with you c++ codebase. In the picture above you can see how you can combine openFrameworks elements with the HTML UI.

Technologies Overview


This is an open source c++ framework with a lot of features aimed towards creative applications. I use this framework to work with OpenCV for the Computer Vision technology. Read more about this framework on their website and give it a shot. I found it really easy to work with and the community is great.


Awesomium helps you build really nice interfaces using HTML, but what I like more about it is that you can bind c++ to javascript functions. You can also execute javascript straight from c++ and get JSON objects that you can use in your application. This all sounds really amazing, but I still find Awesomium a bit underdeveloped and apparently it doesn't seem like it's being maintained anymore. Also, if you plan to use cool CSS3 features, you might be a bit disappointed as not all of them work.

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